RIVAR Technologies, developed from a simple practical idea:

Create the most efficient way to develop and use software applications on the Internet.

PROBLEM: The explosion of the Internet has caused businesses throughout the world to rush to put their existing software applications on a web server. Many companies, in order to sell products on the Internet, have had to develop Electronic Commerce applications. The time and expense involved is great. Existing software code must be completely rewritten to run on a web server. Companies must hire new programmers with new sets of skills for this Internet development effort.

Studies have shown that end user customers are not satisfied with most of the E-Commerce sites due to the slow speeds involved in searching and processing.

SOLUTION: RIVAR has created a method (CODE:NEO) to augment existing software code to run directly on a Web Server. The application actually runs at execution speeds greater than existing technologies available. For example, if a software program were developed as a JAVA application, it would execute and run at a certain speed. This same software application would execute at speeds at least ten times faster running as a CODE:NEO application.

BENEFITS: Companies can now dramatically increase the speed of their existing Web Site by augmenting the applications running on their Web Servers with CODE:NEO. End users will delight in the fact that your web site runs at least ten times faster than before. Software presently not designed for a Web Server environment can be augmented with CODE:NEO to run on a Web Server. Existing source code can be used without the need to rewrite the application. New Internet applications can be developed using the tools and knowledge base of existing programmers. Less Bandwidth is required since your servers are executing applications substantially faster.

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